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Hazardous Waste Removal

Hazardous Waste Removal

Destrodent Waste Control are licensed for unsanitary waste disposal.

Unsanitary Waste, can comprise of many things however they are predominantly Medical waste and human 'life style' waste, from OCD hoarders to illegal dumping which endangers us all.

Medical waste
Thousands of people improperly dispose and unsafely of needles and blood contaminated materials and unsanitary waste (i.e. medical waste) everyday, putting a significant number of people at risk. More than two million accidental needle-sticks are reported each year and it is estimated that an additional 46 percent per year also go unreported. These incidents do directly expose people to many different infectious agents, including hepatitis and AIDS.

OCD Hoarders
Hoarding is not as rare an occurrence as you may think it is a documented disease commonly known as Obsessive Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome.
Hoarding can begin at any age and often occurs due to some traumatic life experience.
Destrodent Waste Control offer a house clearing service for hoarders.


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Crawling Insect Extermination

Crawling insects like cockroaches & ants can spread diseases whilst flea & bed bug bites are painful & distressing.

Flying Insects Extermination

Flying insects are more than just a nuisance:- flies contaminate food, wasps sting and clothes moth larvae eat your wool & natural fabrics.

Rodents & Birds

Rodents are a health risk, spreading disease & damaging property. Pigeons & seagulls transmit germs & deface buildings with their droppings.

Waste Management

We are licensed and provide full waste management services to clear and responsibly dispose of all waste from businesses, houses and homes.