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Rubbish Clearance

Rubbish Clearance

Our local countryside and back alleys unfortunately are getting filled with fly tipped rubbish, is unsightly and holds a genuine health risk to the people and our wildlife.

Destrodent Waste Control we recycling 80% of all waste we collect, with some of the very lowest collection rates in the UK we are often used by local councils, schools, landlords and churches to remove fly tipped waste.

Dumping waste where you are not authorised to is a criminal offence, not only for the person who is dumping the waste but for the people who supplied the waste originally.

Some people dump rubbish to save money, but fail to recognise that this means the council need to remove illegally disposed waste and we pay through our taxes.

Destrodent Waste Control are fully licensed and work to strict codes of conduct.

We employ all best practice protocols and guarantee that all rubbish is firstly recycle wherever possible and secondly disposed of responsibly and safely.

Wherever possible we offer emergency sameday clearance, if fly tipping has occurred on your land contact Destrodent Waste Control now via phone on TEL:- 020 8941 2301 or email Info@dspcontrol.co.uk


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Crawling Insect Extermination

Crawling insects like cockroaches & ants can spread diseases whilst flea & bed bug bites are painful & distressing.

Flying Insects Extermination

Flying insects are more than just a nuisance:- flies contaminate food, wasps sting and clothes moth larvae eat your wool & natural fabrics.

Rodents & Birds

Rodents are a health risk, spreading disease & damaging property. Pigeons & seagulls transmit germs & deface buildings with their droppings.

Waste Management

We are licensed and provide full waste management services to clear and responsibly dispose of all waste from businesses, houses and homes.