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Dead & Dying Animal Removal

Dead & Dying Animal Removal

It is unfortunate that in certain circumstances you can come across dead or dying animals in your homes, gardens or commercial property.

It can be road kill or simply an animal has starved or passed away due to old age or in more extreme cases mauled by another animal

No matter the circumstances Destrodent Pest and Waste Control guarantee a humane effective and efficient service to remove the animal, whether the animal is dead or dying, we will deal with all animals with the appropriate care and respect.

All carcasses that are removed are disposed of under our official charter and certified legal agreements for carcase disposal.

Where necessary after any removal we will biological disinfect with spray throughout the immediate area in which the body was situated and beyond.

In intense cases where the body is decayed and leaves a disturbing smell, we also offer and can provide a deodorising treatment removing the offensive odour.


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Crawling Insect Extermination

Crawling insects like cockroaches & ants can spread diseases whilst flea & bed bug bites are painful & distressing.

Flying Insects Extermination

Flying insects are more than just a nuisance:- flies contaminate food, wasps sting and clothes moth larvae eat your wool & natural fabrics.

Rodents & Birds

Rodents are a health risk, spreading disease & damaging property. Pigeons & seagulls transmit germs & deface buildings with their droppings.

Waste Management

We are licensed and provide full waste management services to clear and responsibly dispose of all waste from businesses, houses and homes.